Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Cambridge Clarinet & Saxophone Day Photographs

Thank you for putting up with the people with the cameras all those who attended this day. If you look up 'The ACE Foundation' on flickr OR facebook you can now find pictures from the event.

Below is a short review of the day for those who were unaware of its existence:

The Henry Morris Hall was bursting at the seams as 120 Clarinet and Saxophone players came to Sawston for a play day organised by Trevor Barlow and the ACE Foundation on Sunday 28th February.

Players from all over East Anglia and London came to the College to form what must have been the biggest Single Reed Choir in the region with guest star James Rae directing his own Toccata Brilliante and Cinerama Suite.

From aged 8 to nearly 80 and from beginner to advanced the day offered large and small group sessions with specially arranged music by James Rae and Jon Halton, a master class, free lunchtime Jazz, Quartet recital, trade stands from Wood, Wind and Reed plus plenty of expert guidance from James Rae.

Each player had a suitable part written for their ability and instrument.

The complete Clarinet family was represented from the small e flat clarinet through to the Contra bass whilst the Saxophone section boasted 8 baritone saxophones!

This day is to be one of many partnerships with the ACE Foundation (www.acefoundation.org.uk) including such future events as a Jazz Day with Alan Barnes at West Road Concert Hall on 4th July and Brass Day with Prime Brass at SVC on 21st November.