Friday, 20 November 2009

Sketches of Bury Farm

Since developing our plans at Bury Farm, the ACE Foundation has been submitting articles to the local newsletter in Stapleford, the Stapleford Messenger. Last month we made a request for any photographs of the site from when it was still a working farm. Whilst photo's seem to be lost, June Heafford sent us these beautiful sketches of the site.

New Hall College Art Collection

Cambridge Sculpture Trail
In preparation for a visiting Chinese Orchestra in Summer 2011 Trevor Barlow and Rosemary Bangham of the ACE Foundation went to visit Murray Edwards (formerly known as New Hall) College to explore their facilities. We were delighted with the site and were reminded that there is a magnificent art collection at the college as well as an exciting Sculpture Trail around Cambridge. If you get a chance it is well worth a look!

Hills Road Sixth Form College South African Exchange

The HRSFC netball team with students at the Ndamase Secondary School 2008
The Cambridge Sixth Form College has, for a number of years, had an exchange program with the Ndamase Secondary School in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Exchange is mostly based on running events in parallel at the respective schools but has also involved the HRSFC netball team visiting them in South Africa. This year it was decided that the Ndamase School choir should come over to England to sing with HRSFC for their annual carol concert. Naturally the differing economic climates of the two countries favours travel in the other direction so HRSFC and the Ndamase school have been actively fundraising in order to effect the exchange. The ACE Foundation have made a contribution to their efforts but they are still short. If anyone wishes to make a contribution please contact us at ACE and we will put you in touch with the college.
Children at the Ndamase Secondary School dancing 2008

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Martyrdom of Latimer - Adam Pounds

One damp and dark Autumn evening the ACE team went on a little excursion up to Ely to experience the world premiere of the Martyrdom of Latimer, a dramatic composition by Stapleford's very own composer, Adam Pounds. In this magnificent setting the success of the piece was magnified tenfold, congratulations Adam!

Something natural

Looking through this page it would be easy to forget that the ACE Foundation is not just about music! Our subject portfolio covers art, design, architecture, music, archaeology, history, development, science, and the natural world too! One of our ACE Study Tour course directors, natural historian Kevin Hand spent a Sunday afternoon on site at Bury Farm exploring the current habitat and thinking about how we could create a wildlife sanctuary there. Given the ditch at the bottom of the site we are thinking of allowing a little wetland area to develop.... what might you spot whilst sipping a mocha and watching the world go by....?
Picture - Our Wilderness at Bury Farm

Barcodes - Science and Music at School

Once you've thought about it, it makes some sense! Why not teach science with music? Paul Brooke Barnes, ACE Foundation General Secretary, went along to the final concert produced by four Cambridgeshire schools, a composer and two scientists. They were exploring the correlations between DNA and Music sequences, how both can be repeated, mutated, reflected and varied. A great addition to the Cambridge Music Festival we thought.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Cambridgeshire Primary Schools Singing Network

The ACE Foundation sponsored the venue for this very successful concert. The achievement of the children and their coaches was incredible, well done all round!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Thank you

A big thank you to Great & Little Shelford C of E Primary School for raising £500.00 to go to the Mathieson Music School in Calcutta.
Picture from the Mathieson Music School

Progress at Bury Farm

Measurements are being made, grounds are being cleared. Excitement still mounting!