Monday, 17 May 2010

The Musical Brain

We wish to draw your attention to an exciting weekend coming up in October this year. On behalf of The Musical Brain we are taking bookings for this inspirational event, which will combine science and music in a dynamic and informative manner. Speakers including Professor John Cox, Dr Jessica Grahn, Dr Katie Overy and Professor Michael Trimble will lead lectures and discussions in the fields of neuroscience, therapy and music. The talks and debates will be illustrated by live concerts and demonstrations by leading musicians such as Ian Brown (piano), James Gilchrist (tenor), Anna Tilbrook (piano), and the Sacconi Quartet.

The Musical Brain is a newly established trust which aims to bring together artists, scientists, teachers, therapists and the public, in original and stimulating environments to examine the effects of music and other art forms upon the human mind, brain and body. The founding of the charity follows the success of a pilot event they held in 2009 with the Nash Ensemble. There was such an enthusiastic response that it was determined permanent efforts should be made to support and promote this invaluable field of study. The 2010 conference, which takes place on the weekend of October 2/3, has as its theme Robert Schumann - the man, the Mind, the Music, and coincides with the great composer's 200th anniversary. Keep an ear out for further events.

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