Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Attingham Scholar 2010

Tiina-Mall Kreem, Curator of the Department of Sculpture at Kadriorg Art Museum in Estonia recently finished her placement on the Attingham Trust Summer School. A placement funded by the ACE Foundation. As ever with this scholarship, she was extremely complimentary of the hospitality and the excellence of the experience provided by the Attingham Trust. She confirmed that her experinces over the three weeks have given her invaluable insights that relate to both her personal development but also her work at the musueum back in Estonia, in particular her report mentioned how the school clarified the work she is doing towards two exhibitions: “Wine and bread” (Museum of Estonian Art in 2011) and “Artist and Clio. Historical painting in the 19th century” (Kadriorg Art Museum in 2014).

Picture of Tiina-Mall @ Waddesdon Manor