Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Between the Books.

Cambridge Central Library and Great Shelford Library hosted our Book Arts exhibition – Between the Books. The exhibition was a great success entertaining and delighting people of all ages. The artworks were produced by twelve enthusiastic participants who attended our 10 week Book Arts course - Between the Pages. The artworks were displayed in Cambridge Central with the books interwoven amongst the regular collection. Although some visitors didn't have time to find all the books many people enjoyed exploring the library, on the hunt, whilst others were delighted to stumble upon them by mistake. The Book Arts then moved to Great Shelford Library where they were again entwined amongst the regular books.

The exhibition had a fantastic response (comments from the comment book included below!) and we are delighted that so many people appreciated the hard work that went into each book.

See pictures from Cambridge Central on Flickr, Pictures from Shelford to follow! www.flickr.com/photos/acefoundation

It was also featured in a lovely blog in December please see the link http://wandering-the-dream-space.blogspot.com/2010/12/between-books.html

Thank you to course tutor Candida Bradley and all the book artists who contributed for your hard work and enthusiasm.

A few comments from the comments book:

‘An inspiring exhibition –I enjoyed the creativity and variety of the books..’ Diane W

‘I spent a pleasant hour discovering the various little book treasures!...’

‘Excellent-innovative & inspirational..’ Margaret

‘Thank you for a wonderful & inspiring exhibition’ M.P

‘The ‘treasure hunt’ slowed me down-lovely feeling-time to enjoy the calm and to admire the creativity & ingenuity of the book makers’

‘Very inspirational and thought provoking…’ Jennifer D