Friday, 20 November 2009

Hills Road Sixth Form College South African Exchange

The HRSFC netball team with students at the Ndamase Secondary School 2008
The Cambridge Sixth Form College has, for a number of years, had an exchange program with the Ndamase Secondary School in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Exchange is mostly based on running events in parallel at the respective schools but has also involved the HRSFC netball team visiting them in South Africa. This year it was decided that the Ndamase School choir should come over to England to sing with HRSFC for their annual carol concert. Naturally the differing economic climates of the two countries favours travel in the other direction so HRSFC and the Ndamase school have been actively fundraising in order to effect the exchange. The ACE Foundation have made a contribution to their efforts but they are still short. If anyone wishes to make a contribution please contact us at ACE and we will put you in touch with the college.
Children at the Ndamase Secondary School dancing 2008