Friday, 11 December 2009

British Archaeology Summer School

In July 2010 a fleet of students will arrive from America and Canada ready to experience the delights of Cambridge and the heritage of Britain.
At Corpus Christi's request, the ACE Foundation are directing the school, planning out their stay and ensuring they will have the most appropriate cultural experience.
It is a four-week long program where the students will be introduced to the archaeology of Britain by top Cambridge Professors and specialists. They will stay within Corpus' own accommodation and the course includes a four-day trip to Wessex when they will visit the iconic sites of archaeological wonder.
Running such trips is nothing new for ACE in the 60's & 70's similar programs were devised by, what was then, the Association for Cultural Exchange again for American Students. These were a huge success so we dug out the archives to inspire us for this one! Obviously there were a few things that needed updating....!