Friday, 18 December 2009

magic word: magic night

Thank you all those who attended the Magic Word event in December, it was certainly a magical occasion.
It is undoubtedly challenging getting together an audience for something you can't easily describe, and even more so when its forecast for snow! Thankfully our audience were not perturbed by the predicted weather conditions and the snow only added to the magic!
On entering people were unassuming and apprehensive perhaps, the intrepid explorers became more intrepid and by the last few, they were definitely snowmen!
The different acts proved suitably varied and provoked mixed responses. An unusual collection, the acts all sparked the audiences imaginations with croc E moses proving to be a substantial success all round! With lighting, music, moves and words all carefully choreographed and lovingly crafted it was a performance like no other.
In just a few hours so many transformations occurred. Not only was everyone much clearer on what it was they had come to see, and that they would recommend most of it to their friends, but the world outside had translated the magic into a white carpet over EVERYTHING!
Truly a night to remember.